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 There’s a real beauty to building your own gym. We’ve had the unique opportunity to craft and collaborate on every aspect of the optimal training experience. We’ve truly built this place from the ground up. One success story at a time, we’ve become firmly planted in the fabric of one of LA’s most eclectic and vibrant neighborhoods.

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Our goal will always be to help you get fit and healthy according to your specific goals. But we also use the flourishing environment of our gym to teach you how to enjoy staying healthy. At Lift, you will never dread working out again.


For us, fitness isn’t about obsession or inspiration. It’s about commitment. It’s about performing at your peak, while living your life. Family. Friends. Food. Fitness. In that order. Whatever it is that you do, our job is to help you reach your peak every day.

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Our clients are the best part of our gym. They’re energized and globally-minded professionals, whose ambitions are not limited to career success. The same conscientious work ethic that makes them successful in their industry, makes them successful in our gym. They fill this place with the unique, kind, and progressive spirit of Silver Lake. This is how a gym should feel.