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 Fitness means something different to everyone. Maybe you want to be lean and strong. Maybe you want more stamina. Better posture. Weight loss. Or all of the above. Whatever your goals are, we can get you there. It’s our job. There’s a reason our gym grows exponentially every year. The word is out. LIFT is where you get in great shape on the Eastside.

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Our job is to set you up for success. We motivate you, sure. But more importantly, we teach you how to motivate yourself. Results are not just a priority at Lift, they’re more like a requirement. So if you like working hard, this is the right place. Busting your ass has never been this much fun.

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The same old routines won’t cut it. If you haven’t seen results in the past, your exercise programs simply haven’t been challenging enough. Your body changes as an adaption to behavior. If you don’t push yourself past your normal threshold, you’re not giving your body anything to adapt to.

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Our training program builds a body optimized for any situation: athletic, agile, and strong. We always push you to master new and gradually more complex movements, so that your body never has a chance to plateau. That’s one of the best parts of Lift. There’s always a new challenge around the corner.