Working With A Silver Lake Personal Trainer: How To Have A Great Workout

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Session With A Silver Lake Personal Trainer

If you’re thinking about working with a Silver lake personal trainer you probably already know about the benefits that working with a personal trainer can provide, but did you know that how you approach your session with the trainer can determine the quality of your training?  Here are some ways to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth from your workout.


  1. Pick The Right Trainer

It might seem obvious, but ensuring that a trainer’s experience and certification are up to snuff is just the first step.  It pays to ask a few questions before scheduling your first appointment, to discover whether your trainer’s philosophy of diet and exercise matches your own.  Also important to consider is personality: do you enjoy a trainer who will be aggressive and push you to your limits, or would you rather have a partner who is more gentle and encouraging?  Do you like joking around during a workout, or do you find humor distracting?  If possible, ask whether you can watch a few minutes of the trainer working with someone else to get a good glimpse of their style.


  1. Be Honest

Has it been awhile since you’ve been in a gym?  Do you have a trick knee, high blood pressure, or some other health concern?  You might think that concealing the negative aspects of your history and lifestyle is brave, but, on the contrary, it’s vital that you be honest with your trainer.  This enables them to craft a safe, realistic workout plan for you, and to never push you too hard.  Likewise, you should be honest with your trainer about how you’re feeling during your workout. If you feel self-conscious about it, you can always check with them before the workout begins to find out which symptoms, if any, you should let them know about right away.  In general, though, a workout is supposed to feel hard–but not like it might kill you.  If you’re in significant pain, you need to tell your trainer.


  1. Set Goals

Does your trainer know about what you want from your workout?  Athletes looking to get better conditioned are going to need a different setup than someone who’s trying to recover from a knee injury, who will in turn have a different workout plan than someone who’s looking to slim down.  If you have a goal in mind, you need to share it with your trainer so that together you can tweak it and make sure it’s attainable.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a goal in mind, you need to share that with your trainer so you can set one.  It’s difficult to know whether you’re progressing if you don’t have anything to work toward!


  1. Prep For Your Session

Get to bed on time the night before, stay hydrated, and, if your trainer recommends it, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast before you begin your workout.  Give your body the best possible conditions before asking it to perform and adapt to exercise.  After all, you want your trainer to bring their A-game to the session, so you should do the same.

Having a personal trainer can increase the amount of weight lost, improve exercise consistency, and seriously upgrade your fitness.  Don’t let your time with a trainer go to waste–choose one or two of these tips and start putting them into practice today.





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Getting To Your Silver Lake Gym and Personal Strength Training Studio: Get Healthy In The New Year

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Silver Lake Gym and Personal Strength Training Studio

We know it’s a cliche, but there’s just something about the new year that makes a visit to your local Silver Lake gym and Personal Strength Training Studio more attractive than ever.  But nobody wants to start the year strong and then fade out before Valentine’s Day.  Is there a way to not just make resolutions, but form good routines that can stay with you long term?  Here’s our handy guide to taking on new habits in the new year.


  1. Stick It Out For A Month

Don’t worry, we haven’t changed our minds about not requiring contracts.  This tip is more of a contract with yourself.  Research has shown that if you can consistently do something for several weeks, it starts to become automatic.  Why choose thirty days?  Most people schedule their lives for a month at a time.  Also, thirty days isn’t an intimidating amount of time to commit to.  You can do anything for thirty days.


  1. Do Some Every Day

Making habits automatic requires that you condition your body and the automatic parts of your brain.  The simplest way to do that is to do the task every day without fail.  Your brain and body are designed to adapt to changes in your environment and workload, so choose which changes you want them to adapt to, and then perform your actions (like, say, going to the gym and working out) every day for thirty days.  What if you misjudge your workload and push too far too fast?  Check out the next point.


  1. Start Small

You may have ambitions to do dozens of box jumps, fifty pull-ups, and so forth.  That’s great.  We’re here to help you reach those goals.  We don’t, however, recommend that you try for them on your first day back to the gym in a while.  Instead, if you want the habit to stick, choose a goal that seems so easy it’s laughable.  Perhaps your goal is to come to the gym and do one pushup every day for thirty days.  Odds are that most days you will do more than one pushup, but by consciously setting the bar low, you’re training your brain and body to think of the gym as a place where you succeed, and making the task so simple that you can’t fail.


  1. Find A Friend

One reason to hire a personal trainer?  Most people do better at forming new habits if they have some kind of external accountability.  There are a number of ways to build accountability into your new habit, from apps that charge you a certain amount of money if you don’t meet your commitment to bargains with a friend or accountability partner, but many people find that the personal relationship with a trainer motivates them to keep showing up.  We’re on your side, and we really want you to get in the best shape of your life.

Good habits can be difficult to acquire, but they’re essential for getting the most out of your life.  And you don’t even have to wait until January to start applying them.  It’s time to set some goals and start some positive habits–wouldn’t you rather start feeling better, stronger, and healthier now?




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how your silver lake personal trainer can keep you on track

How A Silver lake Personal Trainer Can Help You Finish The Year Strong

The holidays can be fun, but for many they end up being a stressful, depressing time of year.  While there are numerous reasons for this–like overspending, family tension, and seasonal light changes–one big reason why the holidays can feel so bad?  We stop taking care of ourselves!  Think about it: are you tempted to cut back on your workouts because of holiday commitments?  A Silver lake personal trainer can help keep you on track with your fitness, which can mean you’ll have a better season.  Not convinced?  Read on to find out how.


Exercise: The Stress Killer


Stress, whether from extra planning or personality clashes, seems to go with holiday get-togethers.  Do you promise to yourself every year that next time you’ll find a way to deal with relatives and commitments more gracefully?  Exercise might just be your secret weapon: it can release endorphins, clear your thinking, and even make you more physically resilient.  Studies have shown that accountability (like with one of our trainers here at Lift Silver Lake) can majorly help people who have trouble consistently sticking with a workout schedule.  This year, play it smart: schedule your workouts around your holiday stress, and see if one doesn’t lessen the other.


Keep Track


Did you set a goal for yourself last year? Odds are you didn’t include “take the entire months of November and December off” in your planning, but is there flexibility missing in your program?  A personal trainer can give you some valuable objectivity.  It might be okay to strip your workout down to bare bones, or allow a bit of extra leeway in your diet.  (Or it might not.)  This is one place where two heads are definitely better than one.  Don’t go into the holidays blind; come up with a plan, and then have your personal trainer check it.  Then you can navigate the parties and the pie with confidence.


Figure Out New Strategies


Are you traveling to see family?  Maybe you’ll be away from the gym for a couple of weeks and don’t know how to keep up your exercise.  Your trainer can give you hints and suggestions for how to sneak in a workout, even if you’re not at home for the holidays.  Whether it’s busting out a few pushups in the hall or joining a holiday 5k, odds are that your trainer will have an idea for how to take care of yourself.


Get Encouragement


Sometimes the hardest thing about staying healthy during the holidays is simply staying motivated.  Here at Lift Silver Lake, our trainers have a passion for motivating people and enabling them to reach their goals.  That doesn’t change just because of the season.  The truth is, your health is just as important during this time as it is the rest of the year, and we want to support you as you maintain it.  


Now, more than ever, we encourage you to take advantage of Lift Silver Lake’s no-contract policy and make an investment in your health.  Why spend the holidays feeling tired, depressed, and like you’ve let yourself down?  This year, why not spend the holidays feeling amazing?  We’d love to help.





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how to sweat smart in a silver lake gym

Making The Most Of Your Workout At a Silver Lake Gym

The holidays are full of great things–family, friends, celebrations, and tradition. But they can really do a number on your fitness routine. With most people extra-busy this time of year, we thought that you might appreciate some tips on how to make your visit to your Silver Lake gym and personal strength training studio extra-productive. Why wait until January 1 to get your health on?

1. Get Enough Sleep

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the number one thing you can do to make your workout effective doesn’t happen in the gym at all. Getting enough shuteye is vital, not only to keep you feeling alert and upbeat but to ensure proper muscle recovery and even keep colds and flu at bay. If you’re not getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, you’re hampering your fitness goals unnecessarily. Whenever you can, get to bed early.

2. Keep The End In Mind

Most people find that the holidays come with a relaxation of regular standards, and who would want to miss Halloween candy, pie on Thanksgiving, or Christmas cookies? But add up all the changes that people allow during the holidays, and you’ll find that two solid months of
● extra alcohol
● staying up late
● lack of daylight
● extra sugar
● less exercise
● more stress

Can really do a number on your sense of physical well-being. Take some time this season to evaluate your goals and self-care practices, and decide where your limits are. Make sure that you are taking steps to protect the physical condition that you’ve worked so hard for–and don’t skip your workouts!

3. Stay Hydrated

It can be even more difficult to drink enough water this time of year, between dehydrating beverages like coffee that people crave to help them warm up, dry furnace-driven air, and the alcohol that often comes with holiday parties. Evaluate your hydration at the gym and make sure you drink enough water to keep going strong.

4. Practice Self-Care

Here at Lift Silver Lake, we believe exercise itself is a form of self-care. With its mood-boosting, energy-giving, and life-enhancing benefits, a good workout can make you feel better in multiple ways. During the holiday season it can often be tempting to put self-care practices like exercise, eating well, sleeping well, meditation, and massage on the back burner, but if the price is feeling sluggish, depressed, irritable, and getting sick and sore, then will you really be able to enjoy the season? Don’t let self-care practices that support your workouts slip away during the holidays, and you won’t have to spend January getting back on track.

Remember, what your family and friends want most this year is you, fully present with them. The gift of good health might just be the best present you open this year!



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