We’re the people who get you in shape. After a combined 30 years in the fitness industry, we’ve figured out how to change bodies. We designed the perfect program, based solely on results. Then we built the perfect gym.

We pride ourselves on our experience, and our ability to guide clients down the path to strength and health. We love this work and constantly strive to improve. We’ve also figured out how to make lifting both challenging and fun, because we know how difficult is it to stick to a program that you don’t enjoy.

Results aren’t just a priority at Lift, they’re a requirement. You’ll need to push yourself, but keep in mind, the body you want is just around the corner.

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Chenell is 38 years old. 5’4″, 120 lbs. Size 0. She’s been strength-training for 15 years. She hasn’t done cardio in 8 years.

Dirk is 50. 6 feet, 215 lbs. He’s been strength-training for 20 years. He hasn’t done cardio in 10 years.