We get you into great shape as quickly, and as inexpensively, and possible. Then we teach you how to sustain it. If you’re feeling determined, and you like a challenge, this is the place.



Lift is filled with the progressive, kind, and eclectic spirit of the Eastside. The atmosphere here thrives and expands every day. This is how a gym should feel.



You don’t need experience to train at Lift. All you need is a little ambition, and a lot of enthusiasm. We’ll teach you how to train the right way, right from the start.



30 minutes. 40 dollars. (You do not need a full hour to thoroughly bust your ass.) This is expert personal training, minus all the talking.



We love dogs as much as you do. If you are on the schedule, then your pup is on the schedule. And yes, we have treats.


It is crucial to train in a space that is as encouraging as it is challenging. Let us give you the tour. Here’s a day in the life of Lift: